Ilya Sher


Born in USSR, 1979.
Current location: Israel


  1. CTO at Beame.
  2. Systems and software engineer at Coding-Knight LTD.


  1. The one I’m actively working on is the Next Generation Shell. The aim is to replace classic shells with a shell which is more adapted to the tasks we have today (API’s, cloud) and nicer UX.
  2. Tiny one: relatively human syntax for CloudFormation – CFASS (“Cloudformation alternative super syntax” 🙂 )
  3. Want a short summary of a structure of a JSON file you have? Use show-struct.
  4. Freelancer working for several clients and need several separate shell environments? Use E environments manager.
  5. Previously worked on Tagoholic.

I like

  1. Open minded and smart people.
  2. People that are not afraid of changes and actually do them.

I dislike

  1. Stupid subject lines of emails (read netiquette, guys).


  1. Most politicians are dirty, many criminals.
  2. Most politicians will screw anyone for their own benefit.
  3. Government should be afraid of the people.
  4. Most people will not act because they do not realize how much they are screwed or they falsely believe they can not change the situation.
  5. Many politicians screw the people without even realizing it. Happens mostly by voting on issues they do not understand.

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