Ilya Sher


Born in USSR, 1979.
Current location: Israel


  1. CTO at Beame.
  2. Systems and software engineer at Coding-Knight LTD.


  1. The one I’m actively working on is the Next Generation Shell. The aim is to replace classic shells with a shell which is more adapted to the tasks we have today (API’s, cloud) and nicer UX.
  2. Tiny one: relatively human syntax for CloudFormation – CFASS (“Cloudformation alternative super syntax” 🙂 )
  3. Want a short summary of a structure of a JSON file you have? Use show-struct.
  4. Freelancer working for several clients and need several separate shell environments? Use E environments manager.
  5. Previously worked on Tagoholic.

I like

  1. Open minded and smart people.
  2. People that are not afraid of changes and actually do them.

I dislike

  1. Stupid subject lines of emails (read netiquette, guys).

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