About Ilya Sher


I like helping people. One of the scalable ways to do that is through tools. That is why I’m writing open-source software. I hope that my projects will make people more productive and less frustrated. I also like guiding people to become better programmers and ops. That happens through this blog and in direct communication.


Twitter: @ilya_sher_prog


  1. CTO at Beame.
  2. Systems and software engineer at Coding-Knight LTD.


  1. On Information Loss in Software, PerlCon 2019 Rīga. I think it’s best delivery.
  2. Functional Programming @ DevOps, FlipCon 2018, Tel Aviv.
  3. beame-insta-ssl for Nextcloud, Nextcloud Conference 2017, Berlin.
  4. Lower your TCO with custom solutions and NGS, DevOpsDays Moscow, 2017.

Unfortunately, several other talks were not recorded.


  1. Bringing interactivity to the “interactive” shell – with Ilya (Next Generation Shell), Uptime community, 2023, video.
  2. Console #92, 2022, text.


  1. Privacy Preserving Fuzzy Patient Matching Using Homomorphic Encryption


  1. The one I’m actively working on is the Next Generation Shell. The aim is to replace classic shells with a shell which is more adapted to the tasks we have today (API’s, cloud) and nicer UX.
  2. Tiny one: relatively human syntax for CloudFormation – CFASS (“Cloudformation alternative super syntax” 🙂 )
  3. Want a short summary of a structure of a JSON file you have? Use show-struct.
  4. Freelancer working for several clients and need several separate shell environments? Use E environments manager.
  5. Previously worked on Tagoholic.

Books that I recommend

  1. Thinking, Fast and Slow
  2. Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

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