Is it so hard to get the UI right, Youtube?

Let’s keep it short. Obvious things Youtube got wrong:

  1. Can’t drag videos into playlist – WTF? Really? How hard could that be to implement?
  2. The home page with subscriptions and etc. The user does only one thing on all sites – chooses what to click next. (Well, and watches the videos if it’s Youtube). So why the f*ck you are making it so hard? Gray out the videos that were already watched! No one should scan all the page trying to spot new videos! Unjustified cognitive load. Other pages would certainly benefit from this too but the home page is really frustrating.
  3. I wouldn’t complain if it was only this minor bug but since I’m posting anyway … “Added to queue” does not go away if you remove the video from the list. It goes away only if you reload the page after you remove the video from the queue