The Case for Concise Posts

According to DiSC, about a quarter of all people should be communicating like me. We want information, not fluff or stories. We are here to get the answer to our question: “what’s X?” (a technology, a format, a piece of software, etc). Yet, the number of blog posts which answer “What’s X?” concisely is roughly zero. I am going to fix this with my future posts as time allows. Stay tuned.

Everything below is implementation detail. You can stop reading here and save a few minutes.

Here is my plan. Feel free to use it as a guideline for your blog posts too.


We are looking for the author’s discretion about what’s important (hint: typically concepts and architecture), not a dump of everything that the author knows about the topic. We are here for “I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time“. Yes, that 5 minutes read should take hours if not days to write. Otherwise, what’s the value?

Can’t answer the question concisely? We doubt your understanding of the topic.


“Context is important, the blog post must provide context, blah blah …”.

The context was already established by searching “what’s X” or following a link to the post. It’s annoying when the text starts with fluff, keeping us wondering when and whether my question will be answered.

If there is some *really* important context, that’s not 5 paragraphs. Sorry, storytellers.

Show why the Topic is Important

“You need to show why X is important and where it’s used”.

This information is available in every other blog post and/or on Wikipedia and/or is one search away.

Underlying Concepts

Don’t explain the underlying concepts, link to them (like DiSC above). Don’t waste our time if we already know that.

Stay tuned.

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