Debian kernel upgrade to 2.6.30

Debian testing just got kenrel 2.6.30. The previous version was 2.6.26.
I will summarize here the new features for the upgrade but only the ones I will find interesting.


  • POHMELFS – kernel client for the developed distributed parallel internet filesystem
  • DST – network block device storage
  • LZMA/BZIP2 kernel image compression. The kernel size is about 10 per cent smaller with bzip2 in comparison to gzip, and about 33 per cent smaller with lzma.
  • SR-IOV support – PCI virtualization helper
  • Networking: Allowing more than 64k connections and heavily optimize bind(0) time.
  • Virtualization: virtio_net: Allow setting the MAC address of the NIC
  • Many Bluetooth improvements


  • WiMAX (Intel Wireless WiMAX/Wi-Fi Link 5×50 USB/SDIO devices)
  • Filesystem freeze (LWN has very technical article about this)
  • Support for multiple instances of devpts
  • MD: Allow md devices to be created by name, make devices disappear when they are no longer needed
  • Xen: add xenfs to allow usermode and Xen interaction
  • USB: storage: recognizing and enabling Nokia 5200 cell phones
  • Bluetooth: Add suspend/resume support to btusb driver


  • Memory management Scalability improvements (technical details on LWN)
  • NFS: authenticated deep mounting
  • Port redirection support for TCP
  • gre: Add Transparent Ethernet Bridging
  • Support discard requests on SSD devices to improve wear-leveling
  • Add generic ATA/ATAPI disk driver


  • Multiqueue networking
  • ftrace, sysprof support – another tracing mechanism for kernel (not related to SystemTap)
  • Improved video camera support with the gspca driver. (List of devices is at LWN)
  • Add HTC Shift Touchscreen Driver
  • Bluetooth: Track status of Simple Pairing mode and remote Simple Pairing mode
  • HP iLO driver

The sources (full lists of changes):


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