Stop thinking, start doing.


I could not find a “todo” software that would staisfy my needs so I decided to create one. The decision was also backed up by the fact that my good friend, Guy Egozy, was also very frustrated by the existing solutions.

The story

I started thinking about my “todo” software that I wanted to create. What it should include, how it should behave, etc… I was thinking for months. The important part is to realize when thinking becomes mental masturbation. Yes it is fun but it’s not productive. I admit I was slow to recognize the situation. When I did, I decided to start writing the code. It was a throw-away code, a protoype. When I had something that worked, I finally understood the following advantages:

  1. You learn a lot when implementing. No thinking + reading + analyzing will take you there. Of course you should but don’t over-do it.
  2. It’s much easiear to collaborate on. I can tell my friend all day about what I think but showing working application is a totally different story. Also he was finally able to participate by adding more code. Which he does till this day. (Thanks!)
  3. Makes possible to get any meaningful feedback from people, possible feature users.
  4. And of course you make steps toward the goal of having a good working version of the application (which we named Tagoholic), something you can share with the world, after few throw away versions.


Stop thinking, start doing — it’s way more productive.


We are still working on Tagoholic. Collaboration (sharing) and mobile version are the two top requested features that are not there yet. We will let you know via Twitter when these are ready.

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