Winning executives team


Brought to you by most trendy positions. You may recognize some of them at your work. Say hello!

  1. VP Downtime
  2. VP Broken Builds
  3. VP Lost Leads
  4. VP Ugly Sites
  5. VP Mediocrity and Disempowering
  6. VP Over-Complication Because it’s Cool
  7. VP of Sales Prevention
  8. VP of Successful Penetration
  9. VP Wrong Solutions
  10. Project Failure Architect
  11. Chief Titles Manager
  12. Chief Hype Evangelist
  13. Chief External Dependencies Promoter
  14. Chief Next Trendy Language Adopter
  15. Chief Instances Killer
  16. Chief Budget Overrun Manager
  17. Chief Miscommunication Advocate
  18. Chief Technical Debt Accumulation Promoter
  19. New shiny technologies Team Leader
  20. Misused Frameworks Manager

Some of the entries were contributed by VPs from

You are very welcome to extend this list in your comments.

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