Just use X


Typical conversation on the Internet.

I’m having this situation, I’m trying to do blah using blah and it doesn’t work for me because blah. How do I proceed?

Invariably, one of the answers is

Just use X

And to that I would like to answer right now:

Go fuck yourself!

Your answer shows lack of thought and arrogance. In addition, chances are that X is a blogosphere-hyped tool or product. Here are some suggestions for next time, instead of “Just use X”:

  1. Is there a reason you are not using X? I had similar situation, tried to achieve what you are trying to achieve and had positive experience.
  2. I haven’t tried myself, but I heard about X which I think should solve your problem, you should probably take a look if you haven’t yet.

Hope this helps both sides of the discussion.

You are welcome to link to this post when you get “Just use X” response.

2 thoughts on “Just use X

  1. its the only sort of solution most people have. this is both a statement of understanding and similar frustration. yes, people should take it easy on this.

    but for most people, tools are for fixing things. if the tool itself isnt working, you throw it away and get a new one. most people dont fix tools. thats for “experts.” you would have to go somewhere where this is more widely understood– that the solution is to fix the existing tool– and ask there.

    but thats not what most people will ever reply. its sort of a non-sequitur to you and me– and does ignore most of your question. but to them– theyre giving a valid answer. you can tell them why you dont consider it one, but unless they start trying to fix tools instead of replacing them, they wont get it. most people dont actually try to get things working. they work– or they dont. “fix? instead of replace? really?” i sympathise though.

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