Don’t call me DevOps

… unless you are ready to clarify what exactly do you mean by “DevOps”, I suggest you shut up don’t use that word at all.

The reason not to call a person “DevOps” is that DevOps seems to be a set of principles but not a person nor a job position. None of the amorphous definitions say it’s a person or position so don’t call DevOps anyone please.

Here is why I don’t recommend using this term at all:

  1. There is no exact definition. I’ve asked several people from in the industry and none of them could define the term precisely.
  2. Some people think that using specific tools is being DevOps. Some don’t. I don’t. Specific tools can not be used all the time as situations are different.
  3. Wikipedia has a description which I’m not sure can be used as a definition because some people would agree and some won’t.
  4. New Relic guys write “First, let’s just say there is no definitive answer.” in the article What is DevOps?.
  5. Automation seems to be one of the principles. Does it mean that an unsuspecting person that automates processes is now suddenly practicing DevOps? Are we just naming existing practices with a new fancy term now?

4 thoughts on “Don’t call me DevOps

  1. Completely Agree with your Views ilya.

    Most of Companies/Startups create hype using word devops to attract job seekers. There is no specific Definition of Devops. There are lots of confusion in hiring devops too. Some company wants devops for their release engineering stuff, some company wants devops for system administration stuff. Some company wants developer looking at infrastructure with calling devops.


    • Creating hype is so trendy 🙂
      The more insightful people will just ignore the hype, come to the interview and find out what kind of job it really is.


  2. Totally agree. I had a conversation about this very subject this week. My partner to the dialogue said at one point – “Isn’t DevOps basically the development of operation processes?”, which caught me a bit off guard because my definition is completely different – in my view DevOps is not an abbreviation for “Development OF Operations” but rather a practice involving in closing the gap between development and operations, and so the word “of” has nothing to do between development and operations.

    Calling DevOps “Development of Operations” has as much sense in my mind as to call software development tools (IDE’s, package managers and so forth) DevDev tools, since they are practicing “development of development”.


    • I guess your definition of DevOps is closer to the truth (if there is such a thing regarding this term). On the other hand, confusion of your dialogue partner is understandable.


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